21 Amazing Violet Hair Colors

Although it is an unusual hair color, women who love purple hues also love Violet hair color. You will find stunningly beautiful hair colors in this content.

This hair color, which is obtained from the mixture of blue and purple and can be found in different dye brands. It’s ideal for women who want to dye their hair in purple – magenta tones. Since it’s a Notr hair color, it will suit both white and dark-skinned women. It is also compatible with cool, warm and neutral skin colors for your skin undertone.

This hair color is easy to dye at home for those who have black – auburn hair color, you can get a beautiful dark color even if you apply directly to your dark hair. In order to get the original hair color of the dye, you need to bleach your hair in platinum ash shades.

Violet Hair Colors

You can use this hair color in original color for about 4-5 weeks semi-permanently in hair dyes like Manic Panic and Directions. Remember that if you want to change this hair color, you must make sure your hair color faded completely and then use the hair bleach to complete the fading process.

Violet Hair Colors

Violet Hair Color Dye

Directions Violet hair dye Price: £4.50

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