The Best 20 Dark Tulip Hair Color

If you like purple hair color, Dark Tulip hair color can be ideal for you.
This color, which you can find in different paint brands, is the most preferred among purple shades.
It contains red and purple colors. You can get this hair color in Directions hair dye and different hair dye brands.

In semi-permanent hair dyes, permanence is provided with the same color for 45 days. Then it becomes matte and its color disappears.

How to Color Dark Tulip Hair Color at Home

It is an easy to dye hair color. If you are a blond woman, it is recommended that your hair is in platinum color for you to experience persistence and green color problems.

If you are going to dye directly without opening your hair, you can get different hair colors. However, it is usually purple in intensity.

Directions Hair Dye – Dark Tulip

Directions Hair Dye - Dark Tulip

User comments

Although still red, but quite unusual after 6 years bright red! Unfortunately it is very pinkish / purple and extremely stubborn on any surface, but it is a bit cool, right?


Conclusion to the new darker hair color: Fortunately, I wash my hair only about once a week, because after three washes this tint was already half out again. I thought so fast, but it’s disappointing. Especially since the dyeing process is out of proportion.


Who Does Dark Tulip Hair Color Suit?

Purple hair color contains both warm and cold shades. Therefore, it suits every woman. Whether your skin color is dark or light. I recommend you to try it.

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