The Best 12 Vermillion Hair Color

The red and orange mix Vermillion hair color, which contains an intense orange color, can be ideal for you if you like warm hair colors.
This hair dye is available in Directions. Producing vegan and semi-permanent hair dyes, Directions hair dye lasts between 30 days and 45 days.
I think its best feature is that hair dye turns into a matte color over time.

Vermillion Hair Color

Vermillion Hair Color and skin color

Vermillion hair dye is a very warm color. Therefore, it is more ideal for women with cold skin undertones. Women who use this hair dye often prefer to mix Vermillion hair dye with different hair dye colors. It is in your hands to get more orange or red colors.

Hair dye application at home

Direction hair dyes can be applied easily. The only problem is not to smear the hair dye while doing the dyeing process. Even in ceramic and marble, the trace of hair dye stays for a long time. Therefore, you should be careful while dyeing your hair. After applying this hair dye on your hair, it will be enough to wait for about 1 hour on your hair.

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