How to Platinum Ashy Hair Color at Home?

Platinum Ash Hair Color, which is one of the popular, very bold and eye-catching hair colors of recent times, is one of the lightest and most assertive shades among blonde tones.

Platinum Ashy Hair Color, one of the indispensable ones for those who love cold-toned hair colors to look like an ice queen, is one of the most popular hair colors that never goes out of fashion, which is also preferred by famous names.

Platinum Ashy Hair Color

Platinum Ashy Hair Color Dye Numbers

  • Excellence Intense Hair Color 121 Very Light Glacier Blonde
  • Excellence Creme Hair Color 02 Very Very Light Blonde
  • Excellence Creme Hair Color 01 Very Light Natural Blonde

How to Obtain Platinum Ashy Hair Color?

You should seek professional help as it is not possible to achieve platinum ashy hair color in one application depending on the color and type of hair if you are not naturally blonde. It is very easy to turn on blonde and light hair colors, so you can try this hair color at home.

If you don’t have time to go to the hairdresser, if you say that you can get this color with ready-made hair dyes at home; Before applying the platinum ashy color to blond hair, it is necessary to lighten the hair with ready-made lotions. It is impossible to achieve a platinum blonde hair color without using a bleaching lotion.

Lightening and Dyeing Hair at Home

In order to lighten your hair color, it is possible to lighten 4-5 tones with Revlon‘s color opener, oxidant and blue powder. If you are successful as a result of the process, you will have a raw blonde color. After the hair opening process, platinum ashy hair dye is applied to the hair as written on the box, at the end of the waiting period, the hair is washed with warm water and the new hair color is ready for use. Since obtaining platinum ashy hair color requires a long process and steps, you may need to seek the help of an expert hairdresser.

Who are Looking Good with Platinum Ash Hair Color?

Platinum ashy hair color, which suits women with white skin or light wheat skin, is best suited to light eye colors such as green and blue, as well as skin color. Those with dark skin colors want to use this gorgeous hair color, they can try to add golden reflections to their appearance so that their skin color does not look pale.

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