Loreal Couleur Experte Hair Color + Hair Highlights

To make it easy to apply at home for women, #Loreal devevloped ( Loreal Couleur Experte) a bayalage and higlight application set with 5 different options for different hair colors. Depending on your natural hair color and which color transition you want, you can choose between these 5. The set includes hair bleacher (in different volumes) hair dye and a kit for easy dyeing.

Want to add sparkle to your hair? You can easily do this with a special hair comb in the box and l’oreal’s specially developed dyes.

There are 5 different hair dye colors. I recommend you to choose the appropriate hair dye number for your natural hair color.
The less the color transition of your hair, the more natural and beautiful it looks.
For example, if you have a dark hair color (For example: Dark brown), avoid applying a light yellow hair dye.

Loreal Couleur Experte Hair Dyes

3.5 Chocolate Mousse

Darkest Mahogany Brown

Loreal Couleur Experte
Loreal Couleur Experte

6.1 French Eclair

Light Ash Brown

8 Toasted Coconut

Medium Blonde

6.4 Ginger Twist

Light Golden Copper Brown

8.2 Iced Meringue

Medium Iridescent Blonde

Step 1

Brilliant All – Over Color

Lighten or deepen your base color while evenly covering grays. The result? A Beautiful, rich color base for highlights.

Step 2

Precise, Even Highlights

The Control Touch FingerTIP combined with the Blue Hi-Visibility Formula makes highlighting quick, easy, and precise.

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