Ashanti’s 8 Gorgeous Hairstyles

Grammy-winning artist, producer and model, Ashanti, real name Ashanti Shequoiya Doug-las, was born on October 13, 1980 in America. she is, 1.60 m tall, won the best contemporary R&B award in 2003 with the album he released under his own name. Besides singing, She has also done acting and modeling. Nowadays she continues her music life with production.

Ashanti’s Preferred Hair Colors

She has been on the screens for a long time, but has appeared on the screens with many hair colors. With dark skin and black hair, she changed her natural hair color many times. She used caramel, copper tones hair color from time to time, and sometimes she preferred blonde hair color. In order for people with dark natural hair to use colors such as yellow and copper, they must first open their hair with a bleach. Then you can use any light colored hair you want. As-hanti, on the other hand, returns to her natural hair color after her light hair, and recently preferred to use dark brown and black hair.

Favorite Hairstyles of Ashanti

The artist, who likes to use long hair models, generally prefers long and straight cut models. Although he often changes his hairstyle, he generally prefers straight cut and wavy hair models. Ashan-ti, who appears in front of the audience with a flat look by applying blow-dry to her hair, is one of the artists who likes to change her hairstyle frequently.

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