Golden Caramel Hair Color

We can find golden caramel hair dye in different hair dye brands. But we hair color experts get this hair color by mixing different hair dyes. You can get golden caramel hair color at home, but it is a difficult hair color that requires experience.

Golden Caramel Hair Color

Hair dyes

palette deluxe 7.554
garnier 7.3

How to Obtain Golden Caramel Hair Color? Hair Coloring at Home

If your hair is dark

You have to dye it at least gradually 4 times (of course, in a certain time) to achieve a golden caramel hair color without bleaching your dark tones. Palette deluxe 7.554 is ammonia paint, but I can say that this is the best paint you can use for Golden caramel..

If your hair is light

If your hair is in light brown-dark blonde or yellow tones, you can also use deluxe 7.554 hair dye in the palette. It can make your hair come out in lighter shades of golden caramel hair.

Red hues

If your hair is red or dyed, I suggest you lighten your hair and then use these dyes

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