Blonde Balayage on Auburn Hair

In this article, we will tell you how you can do the blonde balayage application on ashy – auburn hair alone at home – with the colors and hair dye brands and their numbers one by one.

.If your skin color is not too dark, I can definitely recommend these colored hair. This color hair, which is an extremely cool and stylish hair, varies according to the frequency of the balayage or the method of application.

Blonde Balayage on Auburn Hair
Blonde Balayage on Auburn Hair @dogankopal

.Important: Especially ashy blonde and golden blonde tones are the most suitable hair colors for auburn hair..

Attention: If your hair is in very dark colors such as black and dark brown, I do not recommend applying blonde balayage.

If your hair is dark, I suggest you dye it with auburn or a lighter shade first. For this, of course, it is necessary to apply the opening process to your hair.

What are the blonde  balayage colors that can go well with ashy hair?

– Ash blonde (8.1 shades)

– Golden blonde (9.0- 9.8 shades)

– Honey foam shades (8.7- 8.8 shades)

– Caramel shades (8.77- 8.88 shades)

The shades I mentioned above are for women with auburn hair; The choice of color preferences varies according to the lightness and darkness of the hair tone.

TIP: Those with light hair undertones may tend towards light blonde tones, while those with dark undertone auburn hair should prefer more natural tones such as honey-caramel.

How to apply blonde Balayage on Auburn Hair at home?

 The balayage process for ashy hair is of course created by lightening the hair in tufts with oxidant and packaging.

If you have natural and auburn tones, it will be very easy for you to get these colors.

Auburn Hair Balayage Coloring at Home

First of all, we will start by lightening our hair with orial. For this, let’s prepare 1 can of powder lightener mixture in a bowl. Let’s make it creamy consistency.

-Let’s put on an old t-shirt and separate our hair in tufts.

 – Let’s push each strand we take into our hands towards the roots with a fine hair parting comb. This method is called pancake.

-Let’s rub the remaining part with bleach and feed it. Let’s do the same for all tufts. Let’s pack it in foil.

– Let’s wait for about 25-30 minutes by checking occasionally. Then, let’s wash our hair quickly and dry it.

Let’s move on to the dyeing process now;

Let’s choose the dye suitable for your hair tone I mentioned above and prepare it according to the recipe on the box.

– Spread the paint with our brush on the places we lightened with the bleach, then separate it by packaging.

– Let’s keep it in our hair for about 20-30 minutes by looking at it in a controlled manner. Then let’s wash and dry.

How much does a blonde balayage cost for auburn hair at the hair dresser?

It depends on the area of ​​the hairdresser, its popularity and how much treatment will be applied to your hair. Approximate prices range from $ 150 to $ 300.

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