Antonia Wright Best 10 Hairstyles

American rap artist Antonia Wright is known as Toya Johnson singer as well as writer and business woman. Toya Johnson is age 37, a mother of two, was born on October 26, 1983 in New Orleans. In 2011 she wrote and published a book called “Priceless Inspirations”. Nowadays she is interested in the clothing boutiques she has opened.

Antonia Wright (Toya Johnson) Preferred Hair Colors

Antonia Wright, who has a dark skin, also has a dark brown color with her natural hair. Generally preferring to use natural hair color, Johnson sometimes added light brown and yellow colors to the small parts of his hair. Although this style has made small touches of color, Toya Johnson continues to use it without giving up her dark hair.

Antonia Wright of Hairstyles

Although Johnson, who has long and thick hair strands, generally prefers the straight cut method, he has sometimes tried different hair models with layered cuts. Johnson, who generally prefers models made with long hair, preferred to go to stylish and special invitations with wavy hair, while he used the dreadlocks for a long time by braiding all of his long dark hair. Nowadays, we see that his hair is used as straight or wavy in his TV shows.

Antonia Wright
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