9 best Amanda Steele Hair Colors

Amanda Steele is a very creative and successful vlogger in both makeup and hair. In this content, I will talk about Amanda Steele hair colors, hairstyles and haircuts.

99-born Amanda Steele started posting makeup videos on youtube at the age of 10. A famous model, vlogger, youtuber, who now has 2.5 million followers on YouTube and Instagram.

One of the most successful youtubers, Amanda is starting to publish videos about what to wear outside at the age of 10. and at the age of 11 she begins to shoot how-to videos about her first hair and makeup.

When it comes to 2015, BH Cosmetics produces its own make-up collection and in a few months, all of the products are sold. In the same year, sunglasses that she designed herself were on sale at the sunglasses company called Quay Australia.

She launches her own fashion brand in 2019. She is doing quite successful work with @STEELE.

Amanda Steele Hair Color

Amanda, whose natural hair color is light ashy brown, dyed her hair for the first time when she was 15 and preferred to use crystal platinum hair color, which is quite ambitious for the first coloring.

Amanda Steele Hair color

Amanda, who often prefers to be blonde other than platinum hair color, generally prefers medium cut and wavy hairstyles in the same style.

Amanda Steele Hair Colors crystal platinum
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