Abigail Spencer Hair and Hairstyles

In this article , we will examine Abigail Spencer Hair and Hairstyles.
What is your favorite thing about the actress Abigail Spencer? Is it her dark red hair, which she loves to rock in a low bun? Maybe you love how she always seems to be smiling and laughing. Regardless of what you like most about this beautiful woman, one thing is for sure: You’re going to want this blog post on your list of things to read today!

Abigail Spencer Hair Color

Hair color has always been a big part of the character I play on TV. When it came time to shoot the second season of Timeless, one of the things that excited me the most was her return to her natural hair color: dark brown!

Abigail Spencer Hair Style

Abigail Spencer is an actress who has played some of the most iconic roles on television. She’s been in shows such as Mad Men and Rectify, but you may know her best from her role on Timeless. Her hair style is not only iconic in the fashion world, but it’s also a symbol of empowerment. Spencer has been wearing her hair this way for years.
Her hair style is typically long and straight, with a few inches of length on top. But she’s been experimenting lately by adding wavy hairstyles into the mix.

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