17 Stunning Golden Brown Hair Colors

Golden brown hair color is actually achieved by providing a sparkle (usually golden yellow) look on brown hair. For this, the hair should be balayaged and this process is too difficult to be done at home.

This hair color, which adds vitality and shine to the hair color, is a hair coloring application that women with natural hair color usually want to apply.

There are also golden brown hair dyes as hair dyes, but these dyes only add a slight shimmer.

Golden Brown Hair Dye Catalog

Revlon Total Color Permanent

(63) Light Golden Brown, light brown with warm, golden tones

53 Medium Golden Brown, medium brown with warm, golden tones

Revlon Root Erase Colors

5G Medium Golden Brown

6G Light Golden Brown

Revlon ColorSilk Moisture

73 Golden Brown


Who Is This Hair Color Suitable For?

This hair color can make you look younger. It is a suitable hair color for both tanned and fair-skinned women. It is generally preferred by women over the age of 30.

In general, your hair will look vibrant and shiny for 40 days. However, at the end of a long 2 months, you may need to make your hair one color because the color will fade and your hair color will start to look bad.

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